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Casino Jobs

Where the money is.

You have recently relocated to the Las Vegas Valley, or you are thinking about living here. You think that you would love to work in our largest industry, the casino. What jobs are available? How do you get them? What do they pay?

What are ‘Casino’ jobs?

Casinos are everywhere, and they are competing for the experienced employee in many job descriptions. Are there jobs available in Las Vegas? Constantly. There were 193,000 full-time positions in Clark County’s hotel and gaming industry in 1999.

Casino jobs are many more than meet the eye of the visitor. Of course there are dealers. Some of those, the largest number, rotate among the table card games and the roulette and ‘Big Six’ wheels. Baccarat dealers, craps dealers and the diminishing number of poker dealers usually work their particular games only.

There are keno writers and sports writers. A little above those dealers and writers are the box men, floor men, pit bosses, shift bosses and various casino and sports book managers. The games are serviced by cocktail waitresses, keno runners and cigarette girls, who also service the slot areas, showrooms and restaurants. Bartenders and bar backs, public porters, security, change persons, change booth persons, slot floor men, pit clerks and casino cage cashiers all round off the ‘front’ employees of a casino.

In the ‘back’ are hard count persons, who empty the slot machines, wrap, count and redistribute the coins. Soft count personnel, count the money from the table games. Behind them are rooms full of accountants, auditors and clerks that keep track of money from all over, incoming and outgoing. There are carpenters that re-upholster tables in the middle of the night, maintenance people that keep the gaming areas at the perfect gambling temperature. Slots, security, maintenance and porters all have dispatchers on duty around the clock. TV surveillance people are constantly watching everything that’s going on everywhere in the building. Behind all of these activities are offices that house secretaries and clerks, marketing and advertising people, host and VIP offices, slot club personnel, training personnel, show room ushers and captains, stage and sound persons, camera girls, reservation and information booth people, shop attendants and rest room attendants.

Restaurants and showrooms are usually connected to the casinos by proximity, as are shopping areas, Other employees include ushers, by any name, food servers, food handlers, cashiers, bus persons, purchasing people, stock and warehouse personnel, loading dock people, and the list goes on. Human resources, payroll and time keepers.

All of these are necessary for the casino operation only. Don’t forget that each of these large casinos is associated with a hotel of up to 5000+ rooms. But for the purpose of concentrating on the above jobs, let’s keep the two separated as best we can, casino employees and hotel employees.

Are the jobs available in Las Vegas?

There was a time, not that long ago, when you started as a dealer in a downtown casino. After a year or more, you auditioned for a job on the strip, and if you knew somebody, or were very good at several games, you got the ‘high paying’ job. Casino managers brought their cadre of shift bosses, pit bosses, floor men and even dealers along with them when they switched casinos. There were no casinos in any other state, nor were there any Indian casinos. Dealers and other casino personnel were not sought after by the thousands as they are today.