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Mobile Casino Gambling:

What does the future hold for online gaming?

Undisputedly, technology is continually evolving, and the online gambling industry big boys are keeping one eye firmly fixed on the future opportunities that can be exploited for gambling purposes.

Did you know you can place bets through your digital TV? Well, that’s actually old news. It’s mobile gaming that is the latest move in the world of remote gambling. Gamers can now install gaming software onto their mobile devices (i.e. phones) quickly and easily, opening up a gateway to gambling never seen before: playing anytime, anywhere. As a result, mobile gaming is not surprisingly being considered by many within the industry to be the next frontier in casino-style gambling.

Currently at the embryonic stage, it’s causing a big stir. It has been predicted that gambling on mobile phones could reach up to $16 billion (?9 billion) by 2008, of which mobile casinos is just one area. Together with lottery and sports gaming splurges, these three activities are anticipated to cash in on the majority of revenues.

The catalyst for this boom looks likely to be the further development and accessibility of 2.5G and 3G technologies, according to a report by consultants Alexander Resources (Mobile Gambling: Casinos, Lotteries & Betting)

They believe that casino-style betting on mobile devices will reach almost $6 billion by 2008, followed closely by mobile lottery spend and mobile sports betting, both predicted to reach more than $5 billion each by the same period.

So, with the stakes so high, it’s easy to see why the main players in the industry are establishing mobile strategies now, ready to capitalise on such a lucrative growth area in the near future and strategic partnerships between casino companies and mobile phone networks could become common place.

But it’s not just mobile gaming that is utilising new technologies. Playtech, one of the industry’s main software players has introduced Live Gaming, a concept that brings the online casino experience another step closer to reality by introducing a real dealer to the playing environment. The system uses advanced video streaming technology, to enable players to watch the dealer perform typical actions such as dealing cards, throwing dice and spinning the Roulette wheel – in real-time. Players can also talk to the dealer, through a one-to-one chat facility.

This replication of real life land-based casinos gives the player a further taste of gaming authenticity online. The dealer is always in view, which possibly provides players with additional confidence in the game. It also aids personal interaction and helps to replicate the human factor of the land-based experience online.

The next highly anticipated chapter of gaming has begun – we’ll make sure you don’t miss a word.

by J. Phillip Vogel