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The Best Roulette System

The FIRST and ONLY Roulette System in the world that is 100% guaranteed to win!

Leave the casino with a winning – every time!

Dr. Neubauer math expertDr. Neubauer, maths expert and well-known gambler in Germany finally developed a roulette system that will shock the world! Absolutely! Why? If too many people use it, it will throw the Casinos out of business! No joke! Reality!

The casinos can and will be beaten with Dr. Neubauers Roulette System!

That’s why we called it: Casino Buster

So why is this system different? Isn’t it just another system that doesn’t work in long term?
Good questions!
Dr. Neubauers System is the first and only system in the world that has a COMPLETELY different attitude regarding the game of roulette.

It is the Discovery of the 21st century – a scientifically proven strategy guaranteed to make YOU win!

Casino BusterDr. Neubauers booklet shows you exactly how to use the system! It is proven to work, and it works every day. In this booklet you’ll find a detailed explanation of the system. The system works just in every casino that offers roulette (It doesn’t matter whether it is a American or European roulette, roulette with a real croupier or video roulette – like in most reservation casinos)

See the iron-clad proof that it works!

It’s like robbing the casinos legally!

Below is a short interview with Dr. Neubauer:

First, Thank you, Dr. Neubauer for sharing your amazing method with us! How did you develop such a breakthrough in the Roulette history?
I worked many years as a maths teacher in a German ‘Gymnasium’ (German school type- like senior high school in the US). Well, it wasn’t that fulfilling. Students don’t like maths and but I adore it! Numbers are my life. But there was a second factor: money. I never had enough. Well, who has ever enough. So some years ago I decided to do something about it. I said to myself: What can I do? What am I good in? Answer: mathematics. How can I make money with it? Tougher question. Then one day a friend of mine said that he made quite some profits with a roulette system. He showed me the system – I analysed it and told my friend to stop immediately because his system was dangerous. It worked for some time, but if he just played a longer time he would lose big. So I said to myself: “There must be something I can do about the Roulette problem”. It took me 3 years of research and constant testing – and now here it is. The 100% safe and secure Roulette system! Guaranteed!

You know everybody is sceptical about systems. Just because there are so many scam artists around who try to sell their crap. Our readers want to know more about your system before they purchase it!
Sure, being sceptical is always good. After years of research I came to the following conclusion: Only betting on plain-numbers can bring a long-term profit. Anything else doesn’t work. Period. Progression is bad! Very bad! It sounds like a good idea – but in fact: the idea is very dangerous! If the system busts you lost sometimes thousands of dollars. And you have almost no chance of getting that money back. So my system bets solely on plain-numbers without using any progression!

How long will you sit at the table in one session and how much money will I win in average in one session?
You will play a maximum number of 20 consecutive spins! While you just observe the first 8-10 spins! You are only wagering on about 8-10 spins. This should take more than half an hour in a land-based casino. And not longer than 10 minutes in an online casino! So this a really short game, so you have enough time to do other nice things like walking around in the casinos, taking a drink or whatever you like! How much you can win? Well, that varies from about 10 to 150 units! On average you win 60 units per 20 spins!

How many units do I need? How many units do I lose in the absolute worst case scenario?
For safe play you need 36 units. In worst case – in case everything goes wrong – which is almost impossible you lose exactly 36 units. Well but if you see the winnings during the winning sessions you realized that loosing 36 units on a bad day is no problem. (Out of 100 sessions you lose one session on average)

One last question: Why do you offer the system for sale?
Well, first I already earned so much money with the system, I don’t need to use it too often anymore. I already live from the interest I get paid from my bank account. And, I got thrown out of most of the German casinos. Many online casinos don’t accept my wagers anymore after paying couple of thousand dollars to me. See it as a kind of payback!

Have a big PLUS on your account every week from just 10 minutes gambling a day!

Here is what you get:

A personally signed copy of Dr. P. Neubauers ‘Casino Buster’ booklet
A special bonus valued at $97 (see below)
Our 100% 30-day Money Back Guarantee

Get all the cutting-edge facts about the Casino Buster!

What users of this system are saying:

My 2 first sessions on the sands were ideals, won 46 and 54 units with Casino Buster.
Jean J., France
I now really believe that there is a way to beat roulette consistently.
Ted A., USA MN
I won over $1,800 in just 17 spins by playing with $25 units. Thank you Dr. Neubauer!
Alexander I., USA CA
I have bought so many systems in my life […] yours was the first that really showed me that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Adrienne C., United Kingdom

Here is our 100% Money back guarantee:
Give our system an honest try. Read it, understand it, use it. And if you don’t win at least 200 units in one month with this system, we’ll refund your money completely! Have you seen other system sellers giving such a guarantee? We are so confident that nobody can lose with this system that we even have a signed guarantee within the booklet!

If you are still undecided, contact Dr. Neubauer directly and you can even send him a block of 20 consecutive numbers from any Casino or Online Casino and Mr. Neubauer will calculate what you would have won with his system! You can also ask him all questions you might have concerning his system! Dr. Neubauer wants to zap all you concerns away!

Dr. Neubauer urged us only to sell 500 copies of his book worldwide! Well, this booklet can really harm the casinos! So we are altogether responsible for keeping them alive! You can’t milk a cow you just killed!
Once all 500 copies are gone this web page will disappear forever and never come back.