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Casino Slot System Interfaces

The EPIC System has a built-in Player Tracking system that can run as a stand-alone system, or can interface to various casino slot systems in either batch-update mode or real-time mode. When interfacing to an external casino system, the player uses the same players’ club card for both bingo and casino play. The advantages to the player is that they carry one card and can accumulate points faster. The advantages to the casino and bingo hall is that they can maintain one master player database, and can gather spend and other pertinent information from this single source.

When EPIC runs in batch-update mode, all point information is passed to the casino system one or more times per day. Generally, an employee initiates this manually from an EPIC menu item.

The method of choice when interfacing to a casino system is for EPIC to interface seamlessly in real time. In this mode of operation, all card swipes and player inquiries in EPIC are sent to the casino system in real time, and the casino system then sends back current player information, including the current point balance. The casino system may also return a message or a stop code to notify EPIC that the player card cannot be used. All point inquiries, bingo ratings and comp redemptions are sent to the casino system as EPIC sales are being made.

In addition, EPIC also functions in real time as the master player tracking system where both casino and bingo points are accumulated in EPIC.

This table contains information on the many casino interfaces that EPIC supports:

Casino System Interface Type of Interface
IGT’s IGS system Real Time
Aristocrat’s Oasis System (CDS) Real Time
Bally’s SDS Interface Real Time Master
QuikTrack Batch Update
GSI System Batch Update